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Running Head: TATTOOS Risk of Tattoos Kristle Roten Axia College of University of Phoenix On-Line Com 150- Effective Essay Writing Todd Bilstein, Instructor July 5, 2009 Risk of Tattoos One way to prevent getting infections or even getting a bad tattoo would be research the shop you are considering going to. You can research the shop online, or even ask people that have been to that shop previously. People need to look at the work they have done and ask themselves the following questions. Does the tattoo have good color? Does the tattoo have scabs or any scarring? If they are asking an individual about their tattoo and it is a bigger sized tattoo ask them how the artist done the tattoo. Did they do it in one sitting or did they do part of it when they initially went in and have them come back to have two or three sittings. That says a lot about an artist and how they are with their work. They are more likely to have a tattoo in which the color will stay bold and stand out longer if it is done in more than one sitting and broke up into sections. There are many different types of infections and diseases an individual is prone to getting when receiving a tattoo. The most common infection that is contracted from getting a tattoo is MRSA. The infection MRSA is a strain of staph that is resistant to a broad spectrum of antibiotics that doctors commonly use to treat it. MRSA is not impossible to treat but is more difficult to treat than other infections and is easier spread than other infections which makes it a bigger threat. The bacteria can be spread in many different ways when getting a tattoo; it can be spread from the artist to the client, from a tool to a client, and from the client to themselves. MRSA can reside on the body of a carrier without their knowledge and with no effects to their own health; it is possible for artists to spread

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