Genetic Mutation and Skin Cancer

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Skin Cancer is a disease that many may question, is it caused by UV light exposure or is it inherited or both? To answer that question is easy, but to deny that the two are linked is not so easily done. There are genetic factors that can cause a person to be “more likely” to be susceptible to skin cancer, as well as where the person lives and according to the environment in which they dell. There are three major types of skin cancer that are caused by the environmental factor of sun exposure; basal cell carcinoma (BCC), Squamous cell carcinoma (SCC), and melanoma. Along with that there has to be a pattern of how long, and how often, and what time of their lives are spent being exposed to UV Light. This also includes exposure to artificial sun light aka indoor Tanning Beds. Lastly the individual and their specific skin type, i.e. fair, olive, African American/Black, Hispanic etc., all play a role in the risk of skin cancer development. With that being said, in reference to the first paragraphs statement alluding to weather skin cancer is an inherited gene mutation or if it is due to exposure to the UV light. Let’s take a closer look to make it clearer; most fair skin, light hair, freckled, and light eyed people have a higher risk of developing skin cancer. However they HAVE to be exposed to sun light in order for it to happen. On the opposite side of that a darker skinned, darker hair and dark eyed person may not be as susceptible to skin cancer but if they are exposed for long enough and often enough they too can get skin cancer. In addition to them getting skin cancer it is more “likely” that they will get it in an area that isn’t exposed to the sun as often, i.e. palms of their hands and feet, and where a swim suit may cover private areas that aren’t exposed to UV light There is a gene that is responsible for the color of hair, skin and eyes.

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