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Ji-li Jiang, who turned 12 in 1966, lived in Shanghai, China. This was the year when the Cultural Revolution began. She lived in a family of six. The family included her mother, her father, her grandfather, and her two siblings. She was also a very educable child. This means she’s a child from a “black” family who is loyal to the Communist Party and rejects her black family. She believed in Chairman Mao Zhe-Dong beliefs of disposing of the “four-olds”. This meant to get rid of old ideas, old culture, old customs, and old habits. However Ji-li Jiang had a couple family problems with this rule. Her father prevented her from auditioning for the Central Liberation Army Arts Academy due to her class status. Her family is considered a Black Family, because her grandfather was a landlord! Many people accuse Ji-Li of her families old ways. Especially when Red Successors from her school finds out, they purposely humiliate her in front of everyone. Red Successors are elementary school children who proved themselves to be revolutionaries and where loyal supporters of Chairman Mao. They embarrassed her to the point where they wrote a da-zi-bao stating she was in a relationship with her teacher because she was a “teacher’s pet”. A da-zi-bao was a form of propaganda used to attack and humiliate people. After that sad experience, the only people there to comfort her were her family and her best friend An-Yi. She couldn’t take it any more but she just had to live with it. During the past years, communism got worse. Red Guards began searching people houses for any one of the four olds. They searched Ji-Li’s house twice. They even detained her father because of a crime that he wouldn’t confess to. The bad part of that is because her father didn’t commit any crime! The second time they searched her house they punished her grandmother for being a landlord’s wife and her mother was

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