Having Dark Skin and Being Called a Nigger Because of Color

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| Having Dark Skin and Being Called a Nigger Because of Color | Communication 125: Interpersonal Communication | | Angela Dean | | 9/19/2012 | Summary: One way, I am culturally different is I’m label a nigger, because of my culture; although, there are other cultures with dark skin. Throughout this paper, you will see the affect this word can have on a person or persons of the African/American Culture, especially the affect this word had on me. Writing this paper has helped me take note of some feelings that is old, new and present. Fear: Being culturally different as a young child, I had no fear of other people; because my mother worked for the Puckett’s who both were doctors and Caucasians. The fear began when, I was told by my grandmother, parents, relative, and others close to me that I was different. I didn’t want to believe what I was being told because, the Puckett’s children, along with my brother and 2 sisters and myself were like siblings. I was a very sheltered child, besides seeing the Puckett’s’ children and children in school. I went to a dominantly black school, except for the teachers. As time went on, I experienced being called a nigger by people passing down the street in their cars. This put fear in me, because of the tone in their voices and it reminded me of the movie I saw with Dr. Martin Luther King. The movie showed black people being beaten with baseball bats. I was also, picked on in school, but one day I met a Caucasian girl named Loraine and every time a white person would call me a nigger, she would defend me by telling them that they were the nigger. Look at me today, I have conquered this fear. Sadness: Sometimes, I feel sad, because maybe if my skin wasn’t dark, I would make it further in the world without feeling like I will never be accepted as well as others. I sometimes wish that when

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