Child Development Observation

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Reflection Question # 7 1- Personally, I had never experience any kind of abuse or neglect in my house, however; I had seen some people abusing from their kids. One time I remember when I went to the store, and the little boy was crying because he wanted to buy a toy, his mom get very mad and she yelled to the child and slapped. 2- The only thing that I did when I looked at the lady by hitting the child was that I approached her and told her not beat his child because he does not understand, he is a child and he doesn’t know that there is no money to buy toys. I was very upset because I hate child abuse. I think that the outcome of this confrontation was that she understood that it is wrong to hit the child in public places. 3- No one in my family or close to me had been referral for special needs as a child or older students. However; my sister’s neighbor was referred for special needs because the father and mother were having family problems, and I believe that these problems affected their children. The couple recently divorced and one of the girls had trouble learning and talking. So the social worker went to my sister house and asks her if she had seen any kind of child abuse? My sister tells them that true. She said yes, that she watched their neighbors screaming and hitting to their children every day. So the social worker takes action. 4- I don’t really know if this family received an individual educational plan, I really hope that they have received some kind of help because it is very sad to watch these girls separated from their parents. 5- I’m not sure if they received an I.E.P. The only thing that I know about this program is that a child who has difficulty learning and functioning and has been identified as a special needs student is the perfect candidate for an IEP. Kids struggling in school may qualify for support
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