Checkpoint Case Study Critique

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CheckPoint: Case Study Critique After reading the case study related to the Jacksons, I was extremely disturbed. Personally I believe that the caseworkers involved in this case cannot say without a doubt that they did not noticed the conditions in the Jackson’s home and those of the four adoptive males. At some point in their investigation the caseworkers had to notice the malnourishment of Michael, Bruce, Tyrone, and Keith. I can understand one of these four boys having an eating disorder; however, I cannot perceive all four children having the same eating disorder. Another reason why it is possible that the caseworkers were not fully aware is because they asked the parents to explain the situation. They had no other way to verify what was going on in the home because the children did not have medical examinations, were home schooled, neighbors rarely ever saw the children outside of the home and the family regularly attended a local church. I most definitely believe that all nine members of the Division of Youth and Family Services should have been fired and charges should have been brought against them. They neglected to do their job properly and make sure that the boys were being properly taken care of, instead one of the social workers prayed with the family for…show more content…
It was also the responsibility of the social workers to make sure that the children were being seen by doctors and that the parents were following up with appointments to fix the conditions of the children. It seems that everyone involved in this case; social workers, foster-home evaluator, licensing inspector, and especially two supervisors of the Division of Youth and Family Services were extremely negligent with this case and decided to look the other way instead of doing their job. It seems that everyone involved was in it for the money instead of taking care of the health and welfare of the
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