Red Cloud's Speech

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Writing Assignment 1 Red Cloud’s Speech Tragedy at Wounded Knee I have chosen to do my first assignment on Red Cloud’s speech. I am going to try to analyze the speech and see if it is biased in anyway. My report will try to look at this in many different angles I feel like this was a first-hand account. I could not find who recorded the speech or translated it if Red Cloud didn’t speak English. For the purposes of this assignment I am going to assume the source is authentic and from Red Cloud since the link provided is from a college university. I think the speech was a deliberate process that was well thought out, truthful, and was excellent at explaining the situation that was going on. This makes the speech reliable in my opinion because I (we) already have knowledge of how the other Indian tribes were mistreated and lied to by our government and the military. The government took their land and forced them to small reservations territory by territory across the country. Based on known history and how others were handled I don’t feel like Red Cloud was biased in his speech since both sides of the story line up with each other. Red Cloud had first-hand knowledge of the event at Wounded Knee and what led up to it because he was experiencing the problems and poor treatment of his people himself. Wounded Knee was located on the Lakota Pine Ridge Indian Reservation which was his home at the time. He was also considered a high chief and was thought to speak for all the Lakota Indians by the whites even though he did not speak for the entire Lakota nation. He was highly respected by his people and by the whites as well for trying to keep the peace and also fighting for his people. Red Cloud’s presence on the small reservations provided by the Government and high respect from both sides makes me believe he was a reliable source for this incident. Red Cloud was
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