How to Mummify a Pharaoh

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ED PHI 152 June 2015 1. 1. identify 2. use 3. state 4. explain 5. quote, identify and state 6. describe and explain 7. choose, copy out, state and write 8. choose and analyze 9. find and analyze 10. find and analyze 11. write and explain 12. find, highlight and name 13. find, highlight and name 2. Title * I expect disgusting stuffs because I am aware that mummification can be compared with embalming (modern preservation of body). * Adventure lovers or movie lovers? (The Mummy). I think general public as well. Principal purpose should be to inform and to entertain maybe. I became more curious as I was reading the essay. Made me entertained on how thorough the process is. Synopsis * I must say the general subject is the title itself. The process of mummification. * Goodheart used the step-by-step procedure to inform readers about the process. He gave concrete examples of results from unsuccessful attempts so readers can easily visualize thoughts. Biography * Goodheart is an American historian who studied American history and literature at Harvard University. He had written cultural, political, and historical topics. * Has special interest in linking past and present in his writings. * The essay was written May/ June 1995. He wrote it for a magazine (Civilization under “Lost Arts” column). Content * I would like to learn the process of mummification. I want to know the things to be used and the many things to consider making a perfect one. * I really think this is a very interesting subject because only those who studies history related courses knew about this kind of weird but historic matter. Reading * At first I thought the whole process was as easy as playing a video game. You only need to press buttons and the character will do the work but then I was
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