Why Is America's History Wrong

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America’s History is Wrong The author of the book introduction titled Indian/White Relations: A View from the Other Side of the “Frontier,” Alfonso Ortiz, makes the reader scrutinize and think about how historians have recorded and retold America’s early history. The history familiar to most Americans is biased because it is in accordance with white settlers’ viewpoint only. The Native Americans viewed the white settlement differently than we recorded. The Americas were no “frontier” for exploration. The land was the home of the natives; it was explored and well known. The history Americans are taught all through grade school and even in college is biased. White people have told their story how they want it to be heard, making themselves out to be the heroes who conquered the native savages. Ortiz states the problem about our history being inaccurate, offers many examples of inaccuracies and inconsistencies between the…show more content…
Unlike the white people, the American Indians appreciated their land and resources and lived in harmony with their surroundings. As Ortiz mentions, “Indians had to fight a desperate rearguard action to survive its [the white frontier’s] advance, so they had neither the time nor the means to tell their stories” (Ortiz 3). White men have all but destroyed a great deal of our environment. American Indians and those who have Native American heritages feel passionate about their histories. They have been wronged by being overshadowed by the white man’s inaccurate account of events. From what we can understand about their customs, we should respect the indigenous population of America. American Indians were more logical than the white men who came over to the “new world.” Ortiz points out the hypocrisy of the white men for regarding the natives “as without any laws or government” when the white men themselves were “people who ignored their own laws and governments” (Ortiz

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