Reconstruction Dbq Essay

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Reconstruction DBQ Reconstruction was a time period of repair after the Civil War. It was to repair the North and the South politically, socially, and economically. It was also to rejoin the South back into the Union. The goal of reconstruction was to build a perfect democratic society where citizens of all races have equal rights. Reconstruction was successful at giving blacks many more rights than they had in earlier years but failed to enforce the laws protecting the rights of Blacks in the South. Some southerners believed that blacks had more than enough rights. However, Reconstruction failed to bring justice and social and economic equality to freed blacks. Reconstruction was not a total failure, it helped freed blacks acquire many of their individual rights. Republicans in congress passed amendments to protect the rights of freed Blacks. The Thirteenth Amendment granted Blacks their freedom.(doc A) the Fourteenth Amendment gave freed Blacks citizenship and declared that they have equal protection under the law.(doc B) The Fifteenth Amendment granted black males the right to vote.(doc C) Many southerners believed that these were more than enough rights for African Americans or even too many. Many southerners believed that is was unfair or even wrong that Blacks had more rights than they knew what to do with. Southerners believed that free Black abused their power. Southerners believed that Blacks helped Carpetbaggers who exploited southern lands and robbed white property holders. And sooner or later southerners will take back control.(doc G) According to Benjamin Andrews, uneducated blacks served on juries deciding matters of life and death.(doc D) Many southerners believed that their rights were being violated while the Republicans helped freed Blacks acquire their rights. During Reconstruction the South was placed under martial law. The South was divided
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