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Real Madrid Football Club Strategy The president of Real Madrid Football Club’s strategy is to pay a lot of money for top talent, win a lot and expand all lines of business. It also has a new marketing strategy that aims at strengthening the value of the club’s brand. In this marketing strategy, the club focuses more on the Far East but this concentration has switched to the Gulf in recent times. Strategic Mission The club’s strategic mission is to leverage the Real Madrid brand globally. In doing this, it will be able to maintain its position as the biggest football brand in the world. Competitive Priorities With more than 100 years of history, Real Madrid can boast of a long lasting brand name and quality, which puts it in a cost leadership position. With its long lasting history comes a whole lot of success. With this, the club is also able to recruit top players and as such gives it an urge over its competitors. Real Madrid also adopted a new management model, where the team was transformed from a mere traditional soccer club to a modern sports and media company. Real Madrid also has a knack for innovation; with regards to its way of play, its stadium, and its ideas. Order qualifiers and winners Real Madrid focuses on winning a lot of football games. In doing this, they are able to attract for fans or supporters and eventually more customers. Due to the large fan base acquired through it success, it is able to sell a whole lot of its paraphernalia and make money. The club also is able to differentiate its customer benefit package from others and win the customer’s business by selling cheap tickets to friendly games. During the off-season, the club hosts friendly games all around the world at cheap prices. In doing this they are able to win and keep their customer business. Operations In order to make Real Madrid Football Club a successful

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