Kelsey Campbell Wrestling Swot Analysis

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Marketing Plan 2.1 Market Plan Summary Kelsey Campbell Wrestling is a brand and model that represents the fully dedicated elite-athlete for USA Wrestling. Goal-oriented and continued focus on national dominance and international success with the overall objective of winning Olympic gold in 2016. The market for Kelsey Campbell Wrestling (athletes, parents, coaches, and sports fans) is a large market that continues to grow as the sport of wrestling continues to grow. Especially recently, with the International Olympic Committee’s initial vote-proposal, recommending that wrestling be removed from the Games following 2016, the support of this international sport has grown in dominant fashion. Not only does Kelsey Campbell wrestling have a market of loyal and personal fans, but of wrestling fans from all around the world. What is relevant is that wrestling fans, especially Americans, love gold. The more successful an athlete, the stronger the following. 2.2 SWOT Analysis Internal Strengths: Already an established “Name.” Kelsey Campbell Wrestling is closely…show more content…
KCW competitors are likely to be the same off the mat as they are on the mat. Most female wrestlers have to market themselves. There are a few that do, including myself. The keys to success are building a solid and constantly growing network and working hard to be present in the community. This will be done by frequently staying connected with social media, constantly advertising Kelsey Campbell Wrestling clothing lines through Cradle Gear Wrestling. A really solid marketing strategy begins with three initial steps: the homework, the value, and the sales force. The objective of Kelsey Campbell Wrestling is to expand the fan base, have set and loyal KCW clinic and camp opportunities yearly, expand the Signature Series Clothing Line, and expand to markets outside of

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