Essay On Steroid Success

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Tainted Success The United States is a country that thrives on competition, it is a country that makes a holiday of major athletic events, and puts its top athletes on a pedestal of greatness. Since sports is held at such a high standard in America, the issue of steroids should be taken seriously as it is an increasing problem on not only the professional level, but the collegiate and high school level as well. Year after year we hear of new high profile athletes, and even young athletes getting caught taking these performance enhancing drugs. This is a very serious issue as it will not only taint the integrity of sports as we know it but most athletes are never aware of the consequences from abusing steroids. When athletes take steroids…show more content…
In this article the dangers of steroids are not only explained, solutions to this problem are also stated. This is helpful since not only do I feel that steroids is a large issue in sports but an adequate solution to put an end to the problem is essential or else athletes will continue to abuse steroids. "Steroids in Sports Steroids in Baseball Steroid .com." Anabolic 31 Mar. 2009 . This website clearly and easily explains the dangers of taking steroids. What separates this site from others is that it is the only one that specifically names each steroid itself and directly explains the negative side effects from each specific drug. I find this website helpful as the perception of steroids is mostly just injections into one's bloodstream. In fact there are hundreds of different steroids and performance enhancing drugs out there and they are growing. This website has information on almost every steroid that has been tested to be illegal in sports without prescription from a physician. "The Truth About Steroids And Sports - CBS News." CBS News - Breaking News Headlines: Business, Entertainment & World News. 31 Mar. 2009
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