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Tampa Bay Rays About The Rays The Tampa Bay Rays, formerly known as the “Devil Rays”, are a professional baseball organization that plays in the MLB (Major League Baseball). The Devil Rays were an expansion team that came into this league in 1998 along with the Arizona Diamondbacks. The club plays its home games at Tropicana Field, which is located in St. Petersburg, Florida. The Rays are a part of the American League east division along with prestigious franchises such as the New York Yankees and Boston Red Sox. From the introduction of the Devil Rays in 1998 until the end of the 2007 season, the American League east was dominated by the Yankees and Red Sox while the other three teams including the Devil Rays were seemingly always…show more content…
The Tampa Bay Rays are an emerging franchise with plenty of promise in future years. After a rocky start and dreadful first few years, the organization managed to reach the World Series in only its tenth year of existence. Since then there has not been one losing season and the Rays are now considered serious contenders every year. All of this was accomplished with a very weak demographic market, low revenue, the inability to afford star players from free agency, and the inability to keep great players that develop through the farm system once their contract is up. The team possess’ one of the best coaching staffs in baseball and will continue to emerge despite financial struggles. However, YOU can change those struggles and become a part of a franchise that, with your help, WILL develop into one of the most successful franchises in the major…show more content…
The Rays would therefore charge 150 million to the investor (316+150=466, 150/466 = approximately 32 %). Current Salaries for the 2011 season amount to approximately 42 million. This would generate a good amount of surplus funds to go out and buy players via trade or free agency that can help market the team easier and raise revenue. The excess cash can also be used to cover existing costs, make stadium renovations or anything that will help in increasing net income. Promotion Excess money stemming from a hopeful investor will allow there to be more funds for advertising and sales promotions which will in turn create more revenue through sponsors. The more financial benefits that the Rays obtain, the easier it will be to promote the team in the long run. However, for the short run, stadium promotions such as “hat night” or in game promotions such as raffle tickets for the fans and randomly selected seat upgrades should be implemented as a start to generate more overall

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