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St. Anselm is one of the theologians who prove the existence of God. Like St. Thomas Aquinas in his five ways of proving God’s existence, St. Anselm has the other way in proving God’s existence. In his ontological argument in proving God’s existence, I realize that God reveals to us through his goodness and the things around us. For me, his ontological argument is difficult to understand because it is like something beyond this physical world. The saying of St. Anselm, “Believe so that you may understand”, is opposite to the saying of St. Augustine that “Understand so that you may believe.” Comparing the two sayings, most of us prefer to understand first before believing because one will not believe unless he understands. But for St. Anselm, believe first before understanding because faith is the basic understanding. In my part, I prefer to understand first before I believe because of my experiences. St. Anselm does not base on experience. Faith and reason must be conformed. The philosophy of St. Anselm is so difficult to understand. I think, he was confused because nothing greater can be conceived. He conceived God as infinite, perfect, one, all-knowing. But I asked, how can he conceive God and how can a finite conceive the infinite? His philosophy is very controversial. As I know that philosophy is continuously evolving. The philosophers based on what they have read or they comment about the philosophy of others. In the medieval period, the question “Does God exist?” is being focused by the philosophers especially Christian philosophers. As what I have understand that there is really a God. St. Anselm proves the existence of God through conceiving the nature of God. This philosopher tries to prove that God is in the mind and in reality. For me, by the way God manifests to me, then, it will be the time that I can know Him. God reveals to us through “Divine

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