Theology 104 Reflection

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The Power of God Contrell Shumate Sr. Liberty University The Power of God Introduction As I begin to study in the subject of theology 104, it was very interesting in learning about the power of God and how it applies in our life. Within this reflection paper, I will be pointing out three areas of theology that is important in the learning of God. The first principle that I will be talking about, is did Jesus claimed to be God? The second principle is does the Bible have authority? And last but not least, why are personal testimonies important in sharing the gospel? As we continue in this reflection paper, these three topics will be addressed. And not only addressed but we will learn to of credit all of the knowledge to the power of God. In recognizing the power of God, we learn more about who we are in Christ. And as we learn who we are in Christ, we will be driven by the power of God. Did Jesus Claim to be God? This particular question could be analyzed differently according to denomination. Some believe, that Jesus never claimed in the Scripture that he was God. Many of the apostolic churches…show more content…
As we analyze the question of did Jesus claim to be God, I believe that not only did Jesus claim to be God that Jesus is God. In the matter of does the Bible have authority? I strongly believe that the Bible is the infallible word of God; the Bible holds all truths and revelations for our lives. If we believe what the Bible says then we know with confidence that we have what God intended for us as believers to know about him. Also we have seen why our testimonies are important in sharing the gospel. We know that the writers of the Bible shared their testimonies and revelations about God with us and we came to an understanding of salvation and we saw a need to be in the body of Christ so therefore we also
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