Descartes Believe In God

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Does Descartes believe in God? If discuss his argument(s) for the existence of God. Are they convincing? Why or why not? If you don't think that Descartes actually believes in God defend your position. Rene Descartes, a French philosopher, scientist, mathematician and writer, also known as Renatus Cartesius. He has honored as a Father of Modern Philosophy because of his writing which has still been considering by today’s modern world. As Descartes proved the existence of God, his argument for the existence of God was a perfect being. According to him, there must be as much reality or perfection in the cause of anything as in the effect. Moreover, he believed that the notion of God represents something so ideal that he could not have been the cause of this idea. I believe that Descartes arguments are not really such convincing because of the following reasons which I would like to point out. We may all come to this point and consider that we all exist; however, it’s not completely true because Descartes had an idea of the perfect being in his mind, but I surely don't have such an idea. Now what am I to believe? That God failed to put this thought into my mind. Furthermore, Descartes' idea of this perfect being was not as natural as he thought? It is the fact that not everyone have this idea. In fact, many people have told me that mankind cannot imagine God. This is an indirect denial with Descartes' belief that everybody has this idea of a perfect being from birth on. According to Descartes, An imperfect being, like himself, cannot think up the idea of a perfect
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