Ratification of Us Constitution Dbq

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Project 2 Alexis Zamora Mrs. Watts December 14, 2012 There were people who supported and opposed the ratification of the United States Constitution who both had a surplus of justification for their viewpoints. These two groups did not agree on which issues were the most relevant to their arguments. In this debate over the future of America, there were two opposing sides to it. First off, the Federalists, they believed in a strong centralized government that would support, protect, and assist their businesses. Then there were the anti-federalists, who had overlapping reasons for opposing the Constitution. Many famous patriots led them. An example is Patrick Henry, who opposed the Constitution because he believed it destroyed the supremacy of the individual states. The biggest supporter of the United States Constitution was the Federalist Party. The Federalists did not have a bill of rights. This was not needed. The Constitution itself had the ultimate protection of people’s rights. The constitution does not allow the government to take away the peoples rights; it gives the government only limited powers that can do limited things. The bill of rights would give the impression that the people can expect protection only for the rights that are specifically listed in the bill. This new Constitution protects a number of rights by requiring writs of habeas corpus, while prohibiting ex post facto laws and bills of attainder. The bill of rights was eventually added to the Constitution because the Federalists needed the support from the anti-federalists. A complaint the Federalists made against the Articles of Confederation was the absolute
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