Constitution Pros And Cons Essay

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Debates Surrounding the Ratifying of the Constitution Both the proponents and opponents of ratification of the United States constitution had a plethora of justifications for their viewpoints. These groups, however, did not agree on which issues were the most relevant to their arguments, and as such, fractured into several smaller sub factions. The three eminent factions in this grand debate over the future of our country were the Federalists, who believed in a strong and centralized government that would support protect and subsidize their businesses. Federalists had two schools of thought, both belonging to the cause known as anti-federalism. They had substantial overlap but differed on their reasons for opposing the Constitution. One of these factions, led by many celebrated patriots such as Patrick Henry, opposed the Constitution on the grounds that it neutered the…show more content…
As stated by the Massachusetts Sentential, “Let us look and behold.... our ships rotting in our harbors... View these things, fellow citizens, and then say that we do not require a new, protecting, and efficient federal government if you can.” Trade was being hampered by the inability of the federal government to maintain safe shipping lanes. As such many Federalists, who were primarily wealthy merchants, could not run their businesses. Another major complaint the Federalists made against the Articles of Confederation government was the absolute impotence of the congress against powerful states. They wished the national government to end impost taxes (interstate tariffs) to foster trade within the new nation, this is supported in Washington's letters to Jay when he states “[T]hirteen sovereign, independent, disunited states are in the habit of... refusing compliance with [our national congress] at their option.” This last point nearly diametrically opposed to the rationale of one of the Federalist sub
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