Race Doesn't Determine Our Class in Society

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Stanley Victorio English 101 10/14/2014 Beyond the Labels Being born into a certain race does not determine what one will be in society. Although it is expected that people would become what others in their race become, many have also proven that they can be more. Some of the ways that people have done to achieve that is by breaking the thoughts of the majority, realizing their current capability instead of dwelling in things that they are not capable of, maximizing their talent through effort as well as experience both failure and success, and lastly trying to do something and willing to take the risk instead of just assuming what the result would be. All of these are implied in Henry’s statement: “Don’t find fault, find a remedy” (92), which means the best way to solve a problem is not by focusing on the problem itself; instead people need to understand the steps needed to overcome it. Before moving to the steps to achieve success, one needs to know what success really means. Some people often define success as how much money they have or how many things in their possession. That definition is not wrong, but it only describes a part of the definition of success. While it is true that success is usually associated with rich people, it actually means that people have managed to become what they want. The key to becoming successful is to be recognized by many people. But the question is, how do people make others recognize them? As stated before, the thoughts of the majority hold an important role because it has a significant impact on what most people believe. What one must realize is that just because there is a lot of people believe on something does not mean that it has to be the right thing. They need to believe in themselves and believe in their own thoughts. Because sometimes these thoughts of the majority may become bars that set a limit to their

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