Nature Affects One'S Character More Than Nurture.

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It is widely argued that nature affect one’s character more than nurture, and people have different views on what influences them the most; whether it’s their nature and background or the way they were raised. Firstly, many people believe that someone’s nature and disposition has a huge impact on his or her character as a whole. People with good backgrounds usually turn out to be the better out of everyone around them, their morals and ethics show what their personality is like and the only way that anything would change in their character is to relive those moments of maturing in a different environment than what they lived in before. The comparison between a human with a well supported temperament and an animal with the same qualitative nature draws an assertion and direct conclusion to what are the differences between nature and nurture. In addition, good habits as well as bad habits can be picked up from someone’s background and nature; for many persons have been victims of bad influences caused by those who are always around them. Smoking is a good example, sometimes certain issues stand up and prove that many actions can be inhabited from others without direct control over one’s wills or senses of judgment, and shows how it is a matter of what your reaction to the environment around you and adaption to certain changes should be. Moreover, a person’s nature can show his positive or negative side towards certain issues in life and it conveys a message to those of different natures that mixing up feelings with cultural background is a mean of making new friends and connections. On the other hand, nurture is also considered an important factor of distressing one’s character and changing the way he or she might live for a long time. The way you are brought up and the methods used to do that, greatly affect a person’s will to adapt to certain changes around

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