R Boiling Tube Mass Of Iodine

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Afsana Islam CHEM 106 – LAB Lab Report #4 03/02/2015 Focus Questions: Is mass conserved in the chemical reaction that you studied in lab? The mass of the zinc and iodine were definitely conserved. The mass did not change much after the chemical reaction occurred. Raw Data: Experiment # Mass of “R” boiling tube Mass of Zinc used in Mass of Iodine used in Mass of excess zinc and “R” boiling tube after r/h/c Mass of excess zinc and “R” boiling tube after r/h/c a 2nd time Mass of “P” boiling tube and boiling chip Mass of “P” boiling tube, boiling chip, and zinc iodide after h/c Mass of “P” boiling tube, boiling chip, and zinc iodide after h/c a 2nd time 1 40.63g 2.00g 3.00g 40.83g 40.83g 41.46g 45.29g 45.29g 2 40.63g 1.00g 2.00g 41.09g 41.09g 42.25g 44.60g 44.60g…show more content…
We’re specifically looking into how much product will be created after conducting experiments with various different concentrations of Iodine and Zinc. One of the things we tested for was the production of a “white solid” which acted as our precipitate. Another key element we kept an eye out for was excess zinc, which showed us how much of the zinc was reacted. During our experiment we colleged exactly the amounts we needed for our group, no decimal point less! We also collected an accurate amount of acidified water, used to start the reaction. Everything before that point was done with accuracy so we believed it would be a successful experiment, however, we encountered a small problem while swirling the reactants in the”R” tube. The directions stated to swirl untill the solution is in room temperature and we followed this rule but other groups swirled until they saw the reaction getting to a pale yellow. We put the solution over the bunsen burner while it was still pretty brownish in color. For our second experiment, we did not repeat this possible mistake. This could prove our experiment to be somewhat flawed and also could’ve affected our data. Other than that, we followed every other step in the handbook thoroughly and even double checked, so we are moderately confident in our

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