Zinc And Calorimetry Lab Report

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Transform the data into the a graph- Cumulative Mass of zinc in grams (y-axis) vs cumulative displaced water in mLs (x-axis) Confidence Report- My partner and I are very confident in our results gathered during is lab. The density of the zinc found during the experiment was 7.0 g/mL. This value is very close to the value stated in the CRC Handbook of Chemistry, which is 7.14 g/mL. As for our materials, the beakers and graduated cylinders where cleaned thoroughly to prevent contamination in our observations of zinc and iodine. The test-tubes used for the solubility tests of zinc and iodine were washed and dried as well. For our samples of zinc and iodine, our group observed the physical appearance of the different types of zinc…show more content…
Will the measured volume of zinc in the form of granules be greater or smaller? The volume of the zinc granules will be greater than the zinc shot because the air bubbles will add more volume. This will increase the volume more than it should be. Will the density of zinc using granules be greater of smaller? The density of the zinc granules would be smaller than the zinc shot. 2. What is the slope of the line signify in the graph that you plotted? The slope of our graph shows that density remains constant with the increase of mass of zinc since the graph was linear. Comment on your y-intercept? The y-intercept was 0. This makes sense because 0 grams of zinc causes no displacement. 3. What is always true about the meaning of 7.14 g/mL? The correct answer choice is choice f). This is correct because g/mL means that for every 1 mL, there is x amount of grams. 4. What is the graphical (graph shape), mathematical (equation of the graph) and numerical (value of slope and y-intercept) relationship between the mass of a piece of zinc and the volume of space it occupies? A zinc-plated ship will float because of the way the mass is distributed over the water. The mass is not concentrated in one

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