Purpose for Study Visit in Japan

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I want to get the first-hand experience by visiting the country itself. I have vast interest of the Asian lifestyle in Japanese culture. Even though both Malaysia and Japan are in the same continent but both countries have diversity of culture and custom. For instance, raised floors in Japanese houses indicate where to take off your shoes and slurping your food is a sign that the food is delicious and a compliment to the cook. As simple as that, yet it’s meaningful. The important thing is I want to know about the do’s and don’t’s in their culture, so that I can apply all that in the mere future as I will pursue my studies in Japan. Secondly, I am impressed with their independency to revive from the past Tsunami 2011 which hits Noda Village in Japan. Even though the damages caused by the catastrophe were quite high but the number of death are scarce due to their advanced technologies and updated systems. I would love to see their new life without any regrets as the true meanings is in the eye of beholder. Moreover, hygiene is taken more seriously in Japan as the Japanese are very considerable of their health. Instead of shaking hands with people, they bow which helps the germs to stop spreading from hand to hand. Besides, in homes, the family and guests take off their shoes at the entrance to prevent dirtying the floors with germs outside coming from the bottom of the shoe. Not to forget, their well-known bullet train. I want to see if they really are faster as a speeding bullet and if it’s not; their supposed comfort and luxury will be just good. The technology in Japan, I believe not only caught my attention but world as well. I am looking forward to get a sneak peek of the future. Finally, of course the main purpose is I want to improve my Japanese language by speaking to the natives as the study visit also consists of homestay program. There will also

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