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Guns Germs and Steel Quotes “History followed different courses for different peoples because of differences among peoples' environments, not because of biological differences among peoples themselves” (p. 39). This quote has a very strong message that is proven correct not only in the past but also today. Because of that message I chose to write about this quote. When we look at the most powerful communities today we see that they are all located near areas with ample natural resources. When the first community was found to have been located in Mesopotamia, near the Tigris and Euphrates river, it was no coincidence that the settlers remained in that location, but because of the rich and workable environment. "Why is it that you white…show more content…
3). I like how the author wrote about this but he did not only speak about about destroying the other societies but also using their heads and adapting what little knowledge that society has into their own and creating a more powerful and intelligent empire. I believe this was the key to the true power of the small empires that were growing back then and is revealed in the novel. The ones that truly were going to rise up and succeed were not only brutes and vicious men, but also ones that would use their heads and use intelligence and adapt it not only on the battle field but also their own lives. “Firearms reached Japan in A.D. 1543, when two Portuguese adventurers armed with harquebuses (primitive guns) arrived on a Chinese cargo ship. The Japanese were so impressed by the new weapon that they commenced indigenous gun production, greatly improved gun technology, and by A.D. 1600 owned more and better guns than any other country in the world” (p 238). I chose this quote because it shows how remarkable humans actually are. Humans are capable of practically anything and when they see something that the find interesting, they will create a bigger badder and more deadly version of it on their own. This quote explains what it truly means to be human and to keep on advancing which is how we have gotten to be the top of the food

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