Farewell To Manzanar

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Farewell to Manzanar Ch. 12-14 Questions Chapter 12 ( Manzanar, USA ) : 32. The camp authorities made an elementary school and a high school, which helped to keep the children busy. The Japanese Americans recreated American ways within the wires and walls of Manzanar. This reminds us that these so called prisoners were loyal American citizens. Jeanne's sisters started to fill free time with different activities and hobbies. Also after the move the Wakatsukis’ home was much more practical than the one before. For the first time since the opening of the novel, the Wakatsuki family was settled in, not the same as before the camps, but as well as they had been. As each family member became involved in his or her own interests, the family held less tension on one another. 33. The Japanese Americans at Manzanar practiced elements of American culture in order to show that they were not against the USA and that they weren’t foreigners, but they are loyal citizens to America. For example, the way Papa took on American ways of life in order to make up for what they lacked in legal citizenship. The Japanese at Manzanar re-made aspects of American life that they liked best such as: high school yearbooks, football teams, clubs, and even dance bands. For those who were born in America or who came over long ago from Japan, America was their fresh culture. Oddly, the all- Japanese Manzanar was where the Japanese could enjoy the pleasures of American culture most. Outside of Manzanar the Japanese people’s enjoyment of American culture was ruined. Chapter 13 (Outings, Explorations) : 34. Jeanne explores the Glee Club being only one of the American hobbies she learns that she is interested in. The recreation program is also something she tried. On weekends there were hiking trips which included overnight camping trips for the younger girls in order to spend time together.
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