Red Cross Involvement In WWII

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Red Cross Involvement In WWII The Red Cross is a group organization, which consists mostly of volunteers that help the needy贫困的 and the hurt. In the beginning of World War II, when it was just announced that we were at war with the Japanese the doors of the Red Cross opened to thousands of new volunteers that wanted to help the American soldiers. To ease减轻 the discomfort of civilians being drafted, the Red Cr0oss decide to turn towards social workers and recreational specialists. (Compton�s Interactive Encyl.) The Red Cross helped keep Americans calm during this war but soon, the Cold War Era began and made it difficult to work with. The American Red Cross successfully met the challenges of war and peace as it established a blood program. (Compton�s Interactive Encyl.) This blood program was…show more content…
Within minute of the first attack Red Cross members were on the scene using techniques they had learned during war drills. ( That helped them save many lives and start on the right foot. The Red Cross made an Americans Junior Red Cross that helped many kids stay healthy and active during the war. By doing this they set up centers under the supervision of teachers, produce articles for men in the war. Boys in carpentry classes made games for the sick soldiers or clothes hooks and magazine stands for naval hospitals. Girls in sewing class knitted and sewed items for soldiers. ( The children of America made boxes of gifts for the children in Europe helping to promote international friendliness. The Red Cross was obviously the organization that helped us keep healthy and win the war. Although many people died, the Red Cross helped save more than anyone could think. Without the Red Cross and the Millions of donors and volunteers I don�t think we would have won that
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