Bilingualism Essay

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Yeshas V. Sagar Dr. E. Rhee English 711 April 23, 2013 Essay 3 (Final) The Bilingual education controversy in America Bilingual education is a form of education in which students are educated in two (or more) languages. Any educational system that utilizes more than one language is bilingual. People that would support bilingual education may believe that schools in America should encourage and work with the student’s language and culture. People that are not in favor of bilingual education, however, argue that a child’s ability to acquire English quickly is due to his inhibitions. In the essay “A Nation Divided by One Language” by James Crawford and “Viva Bilingualism” by James Fallows, they both claim that it is not necessary to declare English the official language of America. On the other hand, in the essays “English Should Be the Only Language” by S.I. Hayakawa and “Why the U.S. Needs an Official Language” by Mauro E. Mujica, both of them argue that English should be made the official language in America. I am in support of making English the official language of America. In this essay, I shall talk about how ‘The only English Movement’ benefits America economically, improves efficiency and actually brings unity and peace within the country. Various programs that are named ‘bilingual’ are graded according the degree of multilingual usage. By teaching children academic subjects in their native language, and simultaneously teaching in English language, students will learn the language and continue to progress academically. As far as they have learnt enough English, they can then make the transition into the main classes at schools. The belief that English unites us as a nation is very nationalistic. Hayakawa cites the example of Japanese and Chinese immigrants in California. Before and after the World War II, relations between these two groups
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