Brave New World Persuasive Essay

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Bryce Sinisgalli mrs.Younger A brave new world essay Oct 18 2011 In Aldous Huxely’s book A Brave New World the future is a great place to live and be happy. There are many things the novel to help coop with the chaotic scenarios in society. I would want to live in the society in A Brave New World rather than the present society we live in today because of all the perks you get in A Brave New World. These perks include soma, the feelies, not being afraid of dying, and knowing you will always have a job occupation. In the book there is a very interesting drug called soma it has many perks that drugs in our present society don’t have. Nowadays when you take drugs or drink alcohol there are side effects. These side effects can be very deadly to your body. Heroin is an example of a drug having terrible side effects to your body and also your brain. Heroin makes your heart beat extremely fast and leaves bruises from the site of injection. You can die from over dosing on…show more content…
This is an advantage in society because you will be entering society with a job you love and a place to live. In modern society when you get of college you don’t know if you’ll get hired or if you’ll have a place to stay. In A Brave New World you’ll always have a job and a place to live in. there is no need for worrying about when your next paycheck will be or if you’ll be able to pay the bills this money because in A Brave New World you’ll never worry about it. The society in A Brave New World is more stable and reliable to live versus the modern recession and unreliable society we live in today. In conclusion if I had a choice to live in A Brave New World or live in modern day society I would have to go with A Brave New World due to all the additional things it has compared to modern day society. A Brave New World is just more advanced and reliable an overall better place to live

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