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1. Discuss the four principles of psychoactive drugs in class. What are some examples of each? Ask students to come up with examples using both illicit and over-the-counter drugs. Psychoactive drugs are drugs that particularly affect the mind, emotions and behavior. Psychoactive drugs have been divided into four principles. The first principle is drugs are neither good or bad for you. For example, on Long Island specifically heroine, which is an illicit drug, abuse is on the rise. Heroine, is a actually a very fast working pain killer. However, the abuse of this illicit drug could cause major abuse problems, that more often than not cause overdose and death. The second principle is, every psychoactive drug has multiple affects. For example, for people with anxiety issues, Xanax (an over the counter drug) can be very useful to them. It can help mellow them down in social situation and in life in general. However, for someone else suffering from anxiety may be affected differently by the drug. They may feel drowsy, unable to function correctly and don’t really care about themselves and their surroundings. Almost like they are living in a world where it is carefree, they can do whatever they want. The third principle is, the size and quality of the drug’s effect depends on it’s dosage. For example, if someone were to use cocaine (an illicit drug) as a local anesthetic, it would be a small dosage and would numb the area for a small amount of time. However, if someone were to take a large dosage of cocaine, there heart rate will increase, they will feel more sociable and active. But the main feeling they will experience is euphoria. The dosage of the drug can be very critical on it’s affect. The fourth and last principle is, the effect of any psychoactive drug depends on the individual's history and expectations. For example, if someone had a history of using

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