Brave New World Analysis

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The future brings endless possibilities in terms of technological advancements and how the human population lives. Aldous Huxley’s novel Brave New World, gives a prime example of what may happen not too far off into the future. Technology may be a good thing in some ways, but in others it can be disastrous. In order to be a valuable resource, there needs to be limitations. Using technology in an overwhelming and overbearing way is a bad thing. Relying on technology to do everything is a damaging thing to society. Although there may be some reliable methods of using technology, too much of it will cause society to hypothetically crash and burn. Science, alongside of technology seems to trump human nature. Inventing things such as the Violent Passion Surrogate and Pregnancy Substitute proves that science can overrule what is supposed to be natural in humans. Huxley’s novel demonstrates the power and destruction that will soon be every day life. Because there will be nothing to stop it, as it will seem like a positive growth in the science field, mass destruction, miscommunication and misunderstanding will begin to overtake the world. In his critical evaluation of Brave New World, Keith Neilson describes the way he feels about this novel. Neilson refers that “the novel remains a powerful, perceptive, and bitterly funny vision of modern society.” Neilson is completely correct in this manner. It is a very powerful novel in the way that these things are quickly approaching the earth. Although modern society is not quite as it is in the novel, there are parts in which todays world can relate. The rapid growth and development of assorted scientific and technological things is beginning to overtake natural human traits. Because the society in this novel is so controlled and “fake” it gives a new perception on life. Many people may take for granted the
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