The Incredible Hulk: The Dangers Of Radiation

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Alex Dalton Essay Assignment Radiation Have you ever pondered the fact that radiation plays a role in nearly everything you do? Without radiation we would not be able to complete everyday tasks. However, radiation can also be rather destructive. The Incredible Hulk is one well known example of severe genetic manipulation due to overexposure to radiation. How is it that something we unknowingly come in contact with on a regular can be so helpful, yet so incredibly dangerous? The answer is moderation. Just like junk food, or anything else that can potentially put your health at risk, radiation is harmless as long as it is moderated. Throughout this essay I will be briefly exploring not only the pros, but also the cons, of radiation. Although…show more content…
Although radiation appears to be benefiting the general population, the public must understand the breakdown of nuclear power and the dangers of radiation. Radiation consists of multiple different types of subatomic particles, such as neutrons, electrons, and alpha particles. These particles move at extremely high rates, something like 100,000 miles per second, and can easily penetrate deep inside the human body. This penetration actually damages some of the biological cells of which our body is composed of. Such damage can cause a fatal cancer to develop. If damage occurs to often in reproductive cells, it can actually cause genetic defects in later generations of offspring. When particles of rays penetrate a certain material, it often causes the delicately balanced economy of the cell to be greatly disturbed and is often disastrous. The individual cell affected may survive but has a chance of dying. However, if the cell is able to recover, it may begin to proliferate widely in the uncontrolled growth of cancer. Don’t let these facts scare you into living in a bubble. Every day we engage in fatal games of chance that can ultimately lead to some form of human malady. Only about 1% of fatal human cancers are caused by the 30 trillion particles of radiation that we encounter throughout our…show more content…
I believe radiation is slowly changing the world as we know it. Although it can be harmful or even deadly; scholars have come to recognize that the benefits greatly outweigh any contributing negative factors. Studies involving radiation have already brought so many more solutions into the equation, cancer being the largest on the scale. Further studies will hopefully shed more light on the unknown and provide us with even more treatment types. Only time will tell, but we are constantly on a hunt for knowledge, so I believe radiation will continue to play a major role in our world’s future

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