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Mesothelioma Mesothelioma is an asbestos caused cancer, in which asbestos enters the lungs in microscopic particles, and stay dormant in the lungs from ten to fifty years. Even though most Mesothelioma cancers take place in the lungs, it is not limited to a certain area. After all; it is a malignant cancer. Because of mesothelioma’s great latency period, treating mesothelioma is difficult, but there is hope in recent research and clinical trials. Since symptoms of Mesothelioma, such as lower back pain or side chest pain and there are frequent reports of shortness of breath, difficulty swallowing, or have a persistent cough, fever, weight loss or fatigue, take so long to show, most people are diagnosed between the ages of fifty and seventy.…show more content…
Asbestos leads to cellular damage that disrupts the natural cell cycle. Once normal function of the cell cycle is lost, cells begin to divide and grow uncontrollably. These cells then accumulate into tumors that trigger Mesothelioma symptoms. Approximately 3% of women with cancer have Mesothelioma, and 5% of men with cancer have Mesothelioma. Current medical treatment options include chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery, and most patients choose to undergo a combination of these processes in order to increase their life expectancy. The younger the patient, the better chance they have of survival. If it is caught in the first two stages, it's easier to treat. The survival rate for Mesothelioma at stages three and four is extremely low. Even when Mesothelioma is caught early, there is just a ten percent chance the person will survive, and those odds will lower the more the cancer advances. Although Mesothelioma is not an extremely common cancer, it is extremely deadly. Those with a history of asbestos exposure should not wait for symptoms to arise; monitoring development of asbestos-related disease offers the most opportunity for effective

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