Atomic Bomb Persuasive Speech

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If you ask me, I think we should get rid of man’s worst invention: the atomic bomb. Just one of these weapons could destroy everything within a ten mile radius. That includes all humans, all animals and all buildings in that area. Mind-blowing… quite literally. I suppose the most obvious reason for getting rid of these horrific weapons is that it kills people. Innocent people. From that one bomb, nicknamed ‘Little Boy’, dropped in Hiroshima on the 6th August 1945 over 160,000 people was killed. Over half were killed on the day, whilst the rest died later from the after affects. How can we truly call ourselves human beings when we have allowed this kind of thing to happen? It wasn’t just one generation that was affected by the bomb either. Oh, no. The after affects are still being felt today, seven decades later. Some victims alive today, are filled with the fear that they may have been affected by the radiation fallout. That one event shows just how powerful one of these bombs are. We need to act before any more…show more content…
What is the purpose? Well the bomb has been designed like any other bomb: to explode. Although this bomb has been designed on a much larger scale. However it isn’t being used as a bomb. For the past sixty years, nuclear weapons have been used as a deterrent. A deterrent from other nuclear weapons. This is completely absurd. By owning an atomic bomb, a country can ‘scare’ every other country that owns an atomic bomb from attacking them. So if this bomb was ever actually used it would completely defeat the point of the bomb. So the real purpose is to prevent wars I hear you say. But has it really? Countries that own nuclear weapons have been in an average of 5.2 wars, in comparison to countries that don’t own any nuclear weapons that have been in an average of 0.7 wars. This statistic proves exactly my point. There is no real, useful purpose of the bomb. We would be much better without
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