Public Assistance Case Study

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Dana, 24 yr old single mother of two children finds herself in need of help with her living condition. Her options are rather limited in her being a mother with minimum skills and education. She currently works as a waiter earning minimum wage and tips of 150 dollars a week. She is desperately in need of public assistance. Public assistance will not be enough to cover her total annual expenses. I researched her eligibility of public assistance and I estimated she is eligible for Heap ( home energy assistance program ), House assistance, food stamps, welfare. The total that I estimated for all these assistant programs was about 1660 dollars. Including her sons child disability health issue with asthma of about 440 dollars a month. With the off…show more content…
A total of 300 dollars a week would sum up the total a month to 1200 dollars. Therefore a total of 3170 dollars a month will be enough to get her by her current living condition. Her public assistance of a total of 1600 dollars currently provides 420 dollars for house assistance, over 400 dollars of foods stamps, (Heap) 100 dollars, welfare 300 dollars and 440 dollars for child health disorder of asthma to her son. With a total income of 3170 and minimum monthly spending of 2710 she allows herself to be more flexible and live in a comfortable situation. In conclusion she was required to both apply for public assistance and work of minimum 300 dollars a week. With her public assistance, child support and wages/tips she can make an income of 3170 a month. She currently would have to work a minimum of 40 hrs for minimum wage at 7.50 dollars and hour not including tips. By going to work she would need to pay off baby sitter and daycare for her children. Her rent was at a reasonable 900 plus 100 on gas/electricity. Dana can find herself quite a busy well earning single mother of two children who qualifies for public

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