5, 000 Dollar Tax: Is It Hard To Keep Kids In High School?

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Yawning. Clock checking. Binder rearranging. Texting. We are all repeat offenders of these crimes during a boring class. We hear a lot about how American schools are in bad shape -- not enough funding, not enough teachers, and too many kids dropping out. But would placing a $5,000 dollar price tag on education help any of these areas? Would this keep kids from dropping out? Would it help to keep kids out of trouble? I stand in belief that, No, this would not help to keep kids in school and out of trouble. With three points of clarifications I will show you that a 5,000 dollar tax wont help to save those at risk. Argument #1- According to the U.S. Department of Education, the high school drop out rate as of 2009 is 8.4%. ß Schools are…show more content…
This number has grown to the greatest level of people in 52 years. ß With more and more adults being laid off from jobs, the average American family is bringing about $50,000 as of 2010. ß In many cases families are more worried about if they will be about to keep their house or be able to provide food for kids. They are not and can’t wonder if they will be able to make enough money to pay for their child’s public education. Argument #3- The federal government is paying $7,500 a year to put children in America through school. ß But, right now 20 million children are currently on the Free and Reduced lunch programs provided by schools. And on average the federal government is paying about 6 dollars a day to feed each on of these kids. (Two meals breakfast and lunch). So lets say each one of these 20 million children are eating these two meals every day all year. So that’s 175 school days times 6 dollars a day. This works out to be about $1050 dollars a year. Multiply this by the 20 million children that are valid for the program. The federal government is looking at a $2,100,000,000 price tag! PLUS the 7,500 dollars it takes just to educate the children. So in a year, the federal government is paying

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