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Task 5 QLT Subdomain 212.1 & 212.2 Chosen Scenario: Scenario 1 A.) New parents are looking for a daycare to put their newborn during the week, while they are working. They have narrowed it down to two day cares and need to figure out which one of the two will be the more cost effective day care for any given amount of hours per week. One day care is home-based and they are charging a flat rate of $20.00 per hour including all feeding and changing costs. The second day care is center-based and they are charging a set fee of $400.00 plus an additional $10.00 per hour which also includes all feeding and changing costs per week. Both centers do not have an overage fee, but do apply the regular hourly rate if extra time is needed. Although they prefer a home-based day care center where the newborn is presumed to obtain more personal close care the parents would like to figure the amount they would be saving and decide which is an appropriate and affordable setting for their newborn. B.) Home-based day care: y = 20x Center-based day care: y = 400 + 10x In these scenarios y represents the total cost of the day care. X represents the number of hours of day care needed. The equation for the home-based day care is multiplying the twenty dollars an hour by the amount of hours which will represent the total cost for any given amount of hours. The second equation for the center-based day care adds the set fee of four hundred dollars plus an additional ten dollars an hour. 3.) Solve the equations. 20x = 400 + 10x Subtract 10x from both sides. 10x = 400 Divide by 10 on the both sides. x = 40 Equation 1: y= 20x y = 20(40) y= 800.00 Equation 2: y = 400 + 10x y = 400 + 10(40) y = 400+ 400 y = 800 At forty hours of daycare the cost will be

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