Informative Essay: Poverty In America

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------------------------------------------------- Engelsk - Essay: Poverty in America Being working poor means that you live for a low income. Poverty is one of the worst that can happen to a human. You can be poor alone, but you can also have it from the family. Poverty to me is when a person has no home, and when a person has no food or water. When they sit on the street and ticking for money to get some food. Joanne Van Vranken landed a temporary administrative assistant position, but she had to travel a 60-mile round-trip every day. Which is a long trip if you don’t earn lots of money. When she has to drive 60 miles each day which maybe is the most of her salary she have to live in poverty. As the text says: “But I have to do it, because we need to pay the bills” which…show more content…
The point of this paragraph is that you have to risk your life to safe your life. Jennifer Blankenship is a 39-year-old mother of four whose family lives on her husbands $11 an hour job. Which is not much for an entire family. Her child has been sent to a college with help of financial aid. It’s a good thing that you can get help when you live in poverty. Kids need to go to school to grow up with knowledge of the social world. If the children didn’t went to school, they would not be able to live a normal life and maybe get a job and work hard to get money. They must learn to for example read in order to get a job later in life. As the text says: “I think that our kids are going to have a lot harder time than we’ve had” which is a scary thing, because if they must have it harder than their parents who are already living on $11 then it ends with the children living in more poverty than parents. I think the point of this paragraph is that you have to get a good education to get a good job and earn good
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