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Pttls - Reflective Journal - Teaching Styles Essay

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  • on February 14, 2014
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Below is an essay on "Pttls - Reflective Journal - Teaching Styles" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

Unit Number: 2
Handout: Sample completed learning journal with level 4 guidance

Form 10 Reflective Learning Journal

This form should be used to record your reflections as you progress through your qualification. You should link your reflections to reading, principles, theories and professional values, as relevant.

|Analysis of challenges that I faced in unit/task: Roles and Responsibilities of the teacher.                                         |
|Through this session I gained a better understanding of how a myriad   of areas, big and small, need to come together to produce a   |
|teaching structure in which all students can gain the greatest benefits from the subject on offer. Also, that even though           |
|preparation and planning are key in delivering a well structured and interesting lesson, efforts in this area are wasted if I am     |
|unable to connect with my students. I should be careful about how and when to use discipline, it is required so that students feel   |
|secure as well as to help keep them on track; though I must be sure that it does not become overwhelming and prevent students       |
|feeling that they are unable to speak out and, therefore, lose the interaction aspect that is so important to a good lesson.         |
|It also made me realise that even positive traits, such as enthusiasm, will not sustain a long term learning plan if it is not       |
|supported by other aspects including knowledge, planning, communication and the ability the take criticism and use it to improve     |
|every aspect of my interaction with the students. I can know see that first impressions are even more important for students than   |
|trainers and, even though I have always made an effort to meet and greet students as they arrive, I feel that I perhaps I try to be |
|too friendly straight off and should place some more emphasis on demonstrating professionalism. This probably explains why the       |
|students feel that they can ‘get away...

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