Psychology Case Studies

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Case 1 Mr. S Five Point Axis I. Panic Disorder with Agoraphobia II. None III. None IV. School, large crowds, social gatherings V. 60-51 Diagnosis Mr. S meets the Diagnostic Criteria for Panic Disorder with Agoraphobia.. The patient has experienced unexpected panic attacks, to which are reoccurring and still present. His panic attacks are not due to any substance abuse or medical conditions and are not accounted by another mental disorder or specific phobia. The patient also shows concern and fear of future panic attack episodes. This fear of future episodes has caused the avoidance of situations and changes in his behavior to avoid embarrassment and uncontrollability. Etiology Mr. S’ inherited sensitivity to be overactive combined with life stress has triggered his fight/flight system to respond at random times causing the panic attacks. His fear of future panic attacks and not being able to control them has developed his avoidance to certain situations. Treatment The best recommended treatment for Mr. S is Panic Control Treatment (PCT) without medication. This treatment is the most effective treatment for Panic Disorder, in which the patient will learn to relax and control future panic attacks. Case 2 Eric Beck Five Point Axis I. Bipolar 1 II. None III. None IV. Unemployment, family, high expectations V. 30-21 Diagnosis Mr. Beck meets the Diagnostic Criteria for Bipolar 1 Disorder. He has a presence and history of one or more Major Depressive Episodes followed by one or more Manic Episodes. Each episode has varied between two weeks or more. Although the patient does not show a family history of this disorder, he does have a history of hospitalization due to uncontrollability during manic episodes and suicide
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