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Analyzing Biopsychological Disorder By Deborah Livingston PSY/240 University of Phoenix (Axia) September 3, 2011 In 1837, Dr. W. A. F. Browne introduced the first scientific view of schizophrenia. He wrote "Insanity, then is inordinate or irregular, or impaired action of the mind, of the instincts, sentiments, intellectual, or perceptive powers, depending upon and produced by an organic change in the brain'. (Browne, 1837) In that same year on the shores of America, Dr. Amariab Brigham, who was one of the founders of American psychiatry suggested, "Insanity is now considered a physical disorder, a disease of the brain". (Bigham, 1837) Schizophrenia is a mental disease, which many people associate with madness.…show more content…
(Newspapers, comedians, etc.) Schizophrenia at one in history was called "dementia praecox", which means "youthful insanity". This was because it tends to occur early in one's life. It is still the most common mental disorder for practitioners of psychiatry. In 1968, the American Psychiatric Association defined schizophrenia as: "a psychosis characterized chiefly by a slow and insidious reduction of external attachments and interests and by apathy and indifference leading to impoverishment of interpersonal relations, mental deterioration, and adjustment on a lower level of functionary. In general, the condition is less dramatically psychotic than the hebephrenic, catatonic, and paranoid types of schizophrenia; also, it contrasts with schizoid personality in which there is little or no progression of the disorder. (A.P.A.,…show more content…
An addiction to drugs is a battle. The first step after the patient gets "sick and tired of being sick and tired" is to enlist in a group therapy format. There are many well-known organizations. Some are high priced and have certified professionals to serve patients. Then other groups only require small donations. Their staff is not necessarily endowed with help of people with degrees of higher learning. Ron must choose his place of comfortablity and there are many options. A change of lifestyle is needed for the termination of drug abuse. Therefore, all people, places, and things in Ron's circle must be re-evaluated. For instance, the places and playmates will have to change to new things. To recover he must learn to do the opposite of what he is use too, not only but also, take a different route to the store and on the way

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