Edgy Electrician Case Study

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Marisa Kendrick “Edgy Electrician” Case Study Moultrie Technical College Summer 2013 “Edgy Electrician” Case Study Latavious Hudson is a 27- year old, married African- American male from Tampa, Florida. He and his wife have been married for six years. Over the six years of their marriage, they had three children together, Jayden Kendrick (6), Latavious Hudson Jr. (3), and Laniyah Lynnette Hudson (1). Mr. Hudson works as a full time electrician at Lennox Refrigeration, a company in the Tampa area of Florida. For the past two years Mr. Hudson, has been experiencing a constant “edgy” and watchful feeling. This edgy feeling has caused him to not be able to concentrate. He often has many worries. He worries about his marriage, parenting skills, and the health of his parents. Mr. Hudson complains of symptoms such as, dizziness, ringing of the ears, dry mouth and dry throat. According to the DSM IV-TR, I diagnose the “Edgy Electrician” with (GAD) Generalized Anxiety Disorder. A disorder characterized by chronic distress and anxiety. He qualifies for this disorder because he possesses some symptoms such as difficulty concentrating and being unable to control his worries, which are all symptoms of (GAD). “People with Generalized Anxiety Disorder report that the anxiety that they experience cause substantial interference with their lives and they need a significant dosage of medications to control their symptoms.” (Gerow and Chatmon 2013, p. 258). To try and help Mr. Hudson with his disorder I’m going to try two methods of treatment. The first method would be a psychoactive drug therapy. I will have him try an antianxiety drug called Equanil, a muscle relaxant for his extreme muscle tension. According to Gerow and Chatmon, “When muscular tension is reduced, a person usually reports feeling calm and at ease” (p. 281). The second method that I would introduce
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