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Architecture and the Environment Paper Keven Peterson Environmental Psychology/PSY 460 February 9, 2013 Diana Herweck, PsyD, LMFT, NCC Architecture and the Environment Paper In the everyday lives of an individual, there is a persistent bombardment of a plethora of stimuli that has an effect on an individual’s behavior, mood, and mental health. When you set aside or eliminate all of the various active aspects and components of an individual’s stimuli, there are several passive factors that remain that play a significant role. From being out on the town to being at work to being at home, everyone is influenced by all of the architecture of structures as well as the environment of the affecting area. Architecture can have a significant…show more content…
The architectural physical aspects of a structure either being a home or business can alter or affect an individual’s behavior, mood, and mental health in a few ways, depending on how the building was structured. When a home or business is built with only a few to no visible windows to allow outside lighting, a group of people are often found to have a disoriented or closed in feeling. This feeling is additionally found in individual’s who work in cubicles as many cubicles have no access to any visible windows. When an individual feels like their personal space is being restricted or that the individual feels disoriented or closed in feeling, they more often than not tend to find themselves spending less time working than what they are supposed to. The remedy to this is for a structure to have a more appealing work space by having large visible windows throughout the building, high ceilings, and larger work spaces that are more spread out. According to Lighten your mood (2012), “When chosen well, lighting can have as much positive and harmonious influence on the look and feel of a room as the finest furniture or artworks” (p. 4). The more comfortable an employee feels, the harder the employee will…show more content…
A structure often has hundreds to thousands of people walking through it every day. Stairs are walked up and down, doors are constantly opened and closed, plumbing is constantly used, and heating as well as cooling systems are in constant use. Structures need to be built with materials that are able to sustain the high traffic volumes being both solid, economical, as well as energy efficient. As the demands on a structure grow with each passing year, energy efficient structures enable a residential or commercial uses reduce a lot of business expenses. This is done through the installation of energy efficient cooling, heating, double pain windows, and lighting into the architectural designs. One of the primary reasons for developing sustainable architecture is keeping employee morale at its maximum proficiency as deteriorating structures reduce morale as an employee knows that a structure costs a lot of money and if the organization or company will not take care of the building, the employee feels that the same company or organization will not take care of

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