Btec Business Level 3 Unit 16 P1

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The following issues I have identified are: Staff training and Procedures There is currently no training taking place within the store as it is seen as a waste of money. This is causing low staff moral and is showing in staff attitudes. The procedures booklet issued by head office is almost redundant and is unused by the store. Structure of Staffing The business seems to be top heavy with little or no respect for night Managers. It seems though the manager and assistant are not seeing the business as a whole by not working different shift patterns. Food Wastage Mr Pike has taken measures to limit this, by implementing rules that have been disregarding by the staff and has caused bad feeling between staff and management.…show more content…
• Low business profit • Closure to the business. • Food Wastage The above analysis shows the issues and it clearly shows what the business needs to improve. I have chosen this Analysis to explain the Weakness and Threats to the business. Weakness I believe Staff Training and Procedures is a weakness to the business and improvement is needed in this sector. Giving staff better training in any business will improve the service, less mistakes will occur and staff will feel worthwhile. There seems to be no respect for the night managers. This is a big weakness as managers would need respect by other staff to make it work. As there is a lot of food wastage in the business, it is down to all the managers to control. A Change in the staffing and a rota in place would ensure managers have a full overview of what is happening and when. Threats A lot of food is wasted in this store and therefore a loss of profit. This could be focussed on in training and also by passing the Managers bonus on to the staff to get buy in from them. This would improve in a lot of issues and build on the relationship between staff and manager. The…show more content…
Engaging the staff at this point is key to making the store work. This will give the staff empowerment and a sense of worth rather than being seen as a cog. Restructure of staff, replacing the night managers with a supervisor. A rota should then be put in place for the manager, assistant manager and supervisor to cover the different shifts on a rota basis. This will give the management team a better overview of the business at different parts of the day and will give a better understanding of the staff regime. It will also build relations between staff and management by working with

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