Difference Between Personal Values And Kudler Fine Foods

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Personal Values and Kudler Fine Foods Stephen F. White University of Phoenix Management MGT/521 Kim Hinton September 04, 2010 Personal Values and Kudler Fine Foods Managing a company requires various abilities and talents that the growth of the company relies upon. Applying my personal values to the management of Kudler Fine Foods adds a different characteristic to the company in terms of the productivity and financial management. According to the result from The Self-Assessment Library (2010) and The Williams Institute Ethics Awareness Inventory Assessment (2010), my personal values and ethics are described as a person whose personalities defined as organized, compulsive, private, trustworthy, and practical, and whose ethical perspective…show more content…
As a manager of Kudler Fine Foods, followings are the combination of my personal values and experience to strengthen the Kudler Fine Foods value. Small Organization Kudler Fine Foods strategic plan (2003) points out the advantage of small company that enables the company to control and monitor all daily and weekly activities. Clearer cut of daily and weekly activities is to create a division of duties and responsibilities of each section. Empowering and delegating the authority to the section leader reduces a manager’s energy to give a feed back to each employee, but also enables to check and verify the performance of employee with defined measurements. Competition Although KFF strategic plan (2003) states “ there are no other gourmet stores in our geographic area” (p. 8)., exercising more distinctive operations let the company be more dominant among others. For instance, KFF membership card provides many services to the customer. With the membership card, a customer obtains a discount coupon at each expense that those coupons can be exchanged to a free product and delivery service. With the information of the membership card, the store can allocate its budget to more localized advertisement to increase repeat…show more content…
9). The rotation of perishable goods can be improved by conducting a survey and a questionnaire to the customer to indicate the needs of customer. Analyzing a turnover ratio per capital of each product will minimize the perishable rates. If a proper turnover ratio were set for the operation of buying and stocking of a product, KFF can easily expect what to expense and when to allocate the budget cutting the loss of excessive supply of the product. Specialty Shops Because KFF offers sophisticated professions such as butcher, baker, and wind steward, “payroll of these specialty positions is higher than that of the clerks and stock personnel” (KFF strategic plan, p. 9). However, tasking and adding a duty to research and analyze the customer needs to those specialists increase the value of the company as the specialists act and play as a liaison between the customer and the products. Small Management

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