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Bridget Hutchings - 228303 EST1 - Task 310.2.1-05 The attitude of Company Q towards social responsibility seems to be decreased by the pressure of profit loss. They closed 2 stores recently due to the fact that they were continually losing money. This not only creates a problem for the employee's that worked there, but also for the customers who frequented the stores. By improving their ethical makeup they could not only improve their profits, but it would also help the relationship with their employees and customers grow. There are a few things that Company Q could work on and change to create a better enviroment for the community. They decided to close 2 different stores in higher crime areas stating they were losing money. Instead of closing the stores they could implement new procedures to increase security. Installing cameras or hiring security guards to stand outside the store or patrol inside would show their customers that they are concerned for the safety of those shopping there. Company Q could also could work with other business owners and city government to makes changes to the area surrounding the store. These changes could include a well lit store front, friendly employees, and a well organized store. Company Q would have to make enough improvements to show their customers they care. This could have increased sales and possibly saved the company from closing the two stores. When asked about donating their day old food to the local food bank, the company refused and chose to throw away the food. Their decision came from worries that there could be possible fraud or stealing by the employees who might say they are donating the food, but taking it for themselves. This proves the company has a very poor ethical framework. Mainly showing their lack of trust in their employees. By setting rules beforehand, the company can eliminate

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