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1. What micro environmental factors have affected Target’s performance over the past few years? Target’s performance has been affected by a range of micro environmental factors. The major micro environmental factor was the drop in sales revenues and the dwindling profits. Wal-Mart’s sales were growing, and that meant that Target’s sales would go down since consumers preferred Wal-Mart for Target. The inability of Target’s managers to identify a solution to the problem of dropping sales and develop a viable course of action also affected Target’s performance. Another micro environmental factor was the thriftiness of customers all over America, which endeared them to Wal-Mart. The impatience of Target’s shareholders and the pressure they exerted on the company’s board to deliver was also a major factor. The marketing strategies that were adopted by the management also failed to turn things around. However hard the company tried, they were unable to establish a firm grip on the market. 2. What macro environmental factors have affected Target’s performance during that period? Target’s performance was affected by the global financial crisis that hit the world during that time. The crisis caused a fall in GDP and massive unemployment. This affected the buying habits of customers who then preferred to buy from Wal-Mart due to their legacy as a low-cost discounting store. Wal-Mart, Target’s main competitor, was attracting more customers because of its low-cost selling strategy. Consumption patterns were all of a sudden frugal; this made Target lose many customers since it was perceived as a luxury store. Another possible macro-environmental factor that must have affected Target’s performance was the coverage of its underperformance by the media. The focus on its falling sales by the media might have created the impression that it was selling at higher prices. 3. By
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