Critiquing Philosophical Approaches to Ethical Decision Making

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Assignment: Critiquing Philosophical Approaches to Ethical Decision Making September 22, 2012 Name ACC260 The following is an assessment of each of the scenarios documented in Appendix B. We will consider each of these philosophical approaches to decide whether the direction of behavior shown in the scenario is feasible, or whether a contrasting course is more adequate. For each scenario, I will show: • if this course of action can be said to be ethical, • the reasons behind the choice(s) made, and • if the reasons for choosing this course of action are the best possible ethical avenue. Scenario 1 The nursing home would have to be the first choice of the Mayor because it is part of the community. The new development would be a great addition to the community but it will have to make the needed changes to build it in several areas of the town. The possibility that the Mayor should look in to is that of asking the town’s people or the developers to help build a new area for the seniors. This would make the developers look better and would give newer facilities to the seniors. This would also work out better if the developers could modify its plans to accommodate the seniors and take suggestions from the town people. The two things the Mayor must contend with is the fact that if he goes for one project over the other he will lose those voters in the next election; this is a politician’s worst nightmare. He must use his head and his resources to make good decisions based on ethical grounds. The outcome will be more in his favor if he makes sure the seniors are taken care of first, and then work on getting the developers to bring the jobs to the community. Scenario 2 The solution is a very simple matter. Her coworkers want the equipment and Catalina wants the equipment

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