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What can an independent retailer learn from this case? Answer: This case highlights the retailing concepts that are currently in practice among leading US retailers. It would be helpful for retailers reviewing this case to see what is working for companies and to see what growth strategies companies are looking to pursue as retailing ideas continue to stagnate. Soft line specialty stores have fund that the recent economic downturn has hurt the industry and in turn created intense competition for retailers to find new ways to get more sales from existing customers. Some good ideas for retailers to consider after reading this case are, repositioning old images, continuing to target the youth market, and creating a life cycle of retailing whereas, when a customer outgrows a particular brand, you have another brand for the consumer to grow into. There are also many ways that our ever-advancing technology can be incorporated into retailing to aid companies in increasing revenues. All of these strategies are good starting points for soft line specialty store retailers to consider when planning strategies 2. What are the positive implications of this case with respect to the use of leased departments in department stores? Answer: Because of the fact that soft goods are continuing to decline in the way of specialty stores, more and more people are finding what they need from the department stores. This leads to the fact that the people who ran these specialty stores will be looking to cut cost and one way of doing this is to lease from a department store. This allows that owner to continue thier business without having to pay for a place to conduct business. This eliminates cost for the owner and allows the department store to bring in someone who is well versed in that area and overall it increases the sales of the specialty store and the department store 3. How

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