Prose Football Essay

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A.P Language 2nd Block October 5 2011 Essay on “Prose Football” The article entitled “Prose Football” by Joe Pasnanski is an outstanding example of how diction and word choice amplify the quality and cleverness of a piece of literature. Pasnanski uses many literary devices throughout his article as well and in turn creates a highly intriguing article. The general literary elements inscribed throughout Pasnanskis article are diction and syntax, he primarily uses these elements to cleverly pass his point of view on to the reader. Pasnanski sneaks in some rhetorical devices as well, in terms of appealing to ethos, logos, and pathos. Pasnanski composed this article primarily to inform the reader how daily language is so unique. He uses football as an example, when fall time comes around, peoples language changes and they use words that are very important in footbal, but not so much in normal language. As the article progresses, Pasnanski draws attention to many of the “football” words and points out how people use them vitally during fall time. Pasnanski is unable to make this essay such an impact on sports enthusiasts without the proper use of literary and rhetorical devices and using them in such a creative and unique way. The sentence structure, or syntax, is a vital element in passing the attitude of the writer on to the reader. The article switches to an informal reading toward the third paragraph, this makes the reader feel more relaxed and at home while reading. This gives the sense that football returning captures the comfort and relaxation of many individuals and when the weekend comes around after a hard week at work, it is time to watch their favorite team take a victory. However no one notices that their language changes during this season, it is just part of them and their mind knows it is time. Pasnanski starts many sentences with conjunctions and
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